How to enable MFA

How to enable MFA

Hi all,

We’re upgrading our security on our email accounts across the board, and to do that we’re going to enable two factor authentication on your email addresses on Wednesday, 12/1.

If you don’t get this set up in time, you might get locked out of your email and will need to call IT.

This is an additional security step just for when you log into your account, you don’t have to do it every day. It’s just like your bank.

If you’re a technology beginner, that’s totally ok! It’s only a few steps to set it up:

Here is the link:  

If it already says “Phone” listed there in the list, you’re good.

All you need to do is click Add method, Phone, and then have it text your phone with the code, and enter it online. 

Step 1 – click Add method

Step 2 – click Add (yours will just say “Phone”)

Step 3- enter your phone # and have it text you a code

Step 4 – enter the code from your phone and hit next

You should see this:

That’s it!

In case you need to reach Intellicomp their number is 410-484-7270.

Thanks all!

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