Guidance for Offshore Computer Purchases


For our Philippine hires, it is easiest to buy laptops from reputable local sellers. We have found online vendors to be too unreliable to confidently purchase expensive hardware with them. Instead, we have new hires go to a local shop to find and purchase a suitable laptop. We will be in communication to help you feel prepared and confident in acquiring a suitable model. Whatsapp is our preferred method of communicating while setting up access to your work communication accounts.

It is best to go to a flagship store for a laptop. We usually have a budget of around 43,000 PHP.

We will send you a list of peripherals and link to purchase them by. We cannot purchase items sold and shipped within the Philippines as US issued credit cards do not work with any in-country vendors. We will reimburse you in full.

Minimum specs for a laptop:

9th generation Intel Core processor, or an equivalent AMD processor

Windows 10 Pro

1080p screen

8gb RAM

Peripheral list (Links to specific models will be provided):

2x Monitors

USB Docking Station




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